sfpickmaxima (2.0-git)
Picking local maxima on the first axis with evenly spaced windows.

        sfpickmaxima < in.rsf > out.rsf semblance=semblance.rsf npicks=npicks.rsf min=o1 max=o1+(n1-1)*d1 np=n1 nw=1 space=100. parab=n removal=y

float max=o1+(n1-1)*d1
maximum value of time
float min=o1
minimum value of time
int np=n1
maximum number of picks
file npicks=
auxiliary output file name
int nw=1
number of windows
bool parab=n [y/n]
if y, parabolic interpolation
bool removal=y [y/n]
if y, remove adjacent events based on semblance
file semblance=
auxiliary input file name
float space=100.
minimum distance bewteen picked events