sfpveltran3 (2.0-git)
Slope-based tau-p 3D velocity transform for elliptical anisotropy.

        sfpveltran3 < input.rsf > velx.rsf vely=vely.rsf velxy=velxy.rsf cmp=cmp.rsf dipx=dipx.rsf dipy=dipy.rsf dipxy=dipxy.rsf map=n interval=n nvx= vx0= dvx= nvy=nvx vy0=vx0 dvy=dvx nvxy=101 vxy0=-0.1 dvxy=0.1 nw=4
* The program returns the squared velocity vx,vy,vxy spectra or maps

string cmp=
auxiliary input file name
string dipx=
auxiliary input file name
string dipxy=
auxiliary input file name
string dipy=
auxiliary input file name
float dvx=
vx squared velocity sampling
float dvxy=0.1
vxy velocity sampling
float dvy=dvx
vy squared velocity sampling
bool interval=n [y/n]
interval values by 3D stripping equations
bool map=n [y/n]
output maps instead of coherency panels
int nvx=
number of vx squared velocities
int nvxy=101
number of vxy velocities
int nvy=nvx
number of vy squared velocities
int nw=4
interpolator size (2,3,4,6,8)
file velxy=
auxiliary output file name
file vely=
auxiliary output file name
float vx0=
vx squared velocity origin
float vxy0=-0.1
vxy velocity origin
float vy0=vx0
vy squared velocity origin