sfpwdecon (2.0-git)
Deconvolution with known wavelelt using pwc to control sparsity.

        sfpwdecon < in.rsf dips=dips.rsf wav=wav.rsf > out.rsf weight=weight.rsf sparse=y reg=0 cut_p=y order=1 niter=50 nliter=1 eps=0. verb=y

bool cut_p=y [y/n]
cut off value of precondition
file dips=
auxiliary input file name
float eps=0.
regularization parameter
int niter=50
maximum number of iterations
int nliter=1
number of reweighting iterations
int order=1
accuracy order
int reg=0
cut off value of precondition
bool sparse=y [y/n]
if sparse = ture sparse deconvolution cauchy-norm
if reg = 0: regularization A = |I|
if reg = 1: regularization A = |PWD|
if sparse = false 2-norn deconvolution regularization A = ||I||

bool verb=y [y/n]
verbosity flag
file wav=
auxiliary input file name
string weight=
auxiliary output file name