sfpwshapeic (2.0-git Mdixshape.c 1131 2005-04-20 18:19:10Z fomels)
Least Square Imaging condition using structure-based shaping regularization.

        sfpwshapeic < upgw.rsf > refl.rsf down=dwgw.rsf weight=weight.rsf dip=dip.rsf rect1=3 rect2=3 lam=1. order=1 niter=100 rect1= rect2= ...
rectN defines the size of the smoothing stencil in N-th dimension.

file dip=
auxiliary input file name
file down=
auxiliary input file name
float lam=1.
operator scaling for inversion
int niter=100
maximum number of iterations
int order=1
accuracy order
int rect1=3

int rect2=3
smoothing radius
file weight=
auxiliary input file name