sfrevent (2.0-git)
Compute reflection event

        sfrevent < reflFile.rsf deriv=derivFile.rsf > dataFile.rsf tn=1001 hn=51 sn=1 to=0.f ho=0.f so=0.f td=0.004f hd=0.05f sd=0.025f eps=0.5 * hStep vel=2.f

string deriv=
first derivative estimated along the reflection boundary (auxiliary input file name)
float eps=0.5 * hStep
receiver position accuracy (in km)
float hd=0.05f
step in offset (in km)
int hn=51
number of offsets
float ho=0.f
start offset (in s)
float sd=0.025f
step in source position (in km)
int sn=1
number of sources
float so=0.f
start source position (in s)
float td=0.004f
step in time (in s)
int tn=1001
number of time samples
float to=0.f
start time (in s)
float vel=2.f
constant velocity value (in km/s)