sfrtmodcig (2.0-git)
RTM output ODCIG with extended images

        sfrtmodcig < vmodl.rsf vel1stlayer=vmods.rsf > Fodcig.rsf amp=1. fm= dt= nt= ns= ng= nb=20 nh=30 kt=200 jsx= jsz=0 jgx=1 jgz=0 sxbeg= szbeg= gxbeg= gzbeg= csdgather=y vmute=1500 tdmute=2./(fm*dt)

float amp=1.
maximum amplitude of ricker wavelet
bool csdgather=y [y/n]
default, common shot-gather; if n, record at every point
float dt=
time interval
float fm=
dominant freq of ricker
int gxbeg=
x-begining index of receivers, starting from 0
int gzbeg=
z-begining index of receivers, starting from 0
int jgx=1
receiver x-axis jump interval
int jgz=0
receiver z-axis jump interval
int jsx=
source x-axis jump interval
int jsz=0
source z-axis jump interval
int kt=200
record poynting vector at kt
int nb=20
thickness of split PML
int ng=
total receivers in each shot
int nh=30
number of points in offset coordinate
int ns=
total shots
int nt=
total modeling time steps
int sxbeg=
x-begining index of sources, starting from 0
int szbeg=
z-begining index of sources, starting from 0
int tdmute=2./(fm*dt)
number of deleyed time samples to mute
file vel1stlayer=
auxiliary input file name
float vmute=1500
muting velocity to remove the low-freq noise, unit=m/s