sfsepcmplx2rsf (2.0-git)
Convert legacy SEPlib complex datasets to RSF

        sfsepcmplx2rsf file= preserve_t=y verb=n

I.e. from

esize=8 data_format=xdr_float


esize=8 data_format=xdr_complex

This combination is tolerated by SEPlib versions released after 2011-01-20,
and required by all versions of Madagascar. Previous to the date above, it
was impossible to have a complex single-precision dataset that was valid both
in SEPlib and Madagascar

This program opens the SEPlib file in read-write mode!

Handles in=stdin case (header and data in one file)

string file=
Name of file to process
bool preserve_t=y [y/n]
Whether to preserve timestamp
bool verb=n [y/n]
Say if file was converted or unchanged