sfsgfdewe2d (2.0-git)
2-D staggered-grid elastic time-domain FD modeling

        sfsgfdewe2d datax=dataxf.rsf dataz=datazf.rsf vp=vpf.rsf vs=vsf.rsf rho=rhof.rsf nshot=1 dshot=1 nx=nvx nabs=50 sx_ini= sz_ini=5 hsz=5 tmax= dt= peak=20

10th order in space, 2th order in time.

file datax=
auxiliary output file name
file dataz=
auxiliary output file name
int dshot=1
shot interval, multiple of receiver intervals
float dt=
time interval
int hsz=5
vertical position of recerivers
int nabs=50
width of padded boundary
int nshot=1
number of shots
int nx=nvx
coverage area for each shot
float peak=20
peak frequency for Ricker wavelet (in Hz)
file rho=
auxiliary input file name
int sx_ini=
horizontal position of shot point
int sz_ini=5
vertical position of shot point
float tmax=
record length
file vp=
auxiliary input file name
file vs=
auxiliary input file name