sfsglfd2pml (2.0-git)
2-D Lowrank Finite-difference wave extrapolation on staggered grid

        sfsglfd2pml < fsource.rsf vel=fvel.rsf den=fden.rsf > fwf.rsf rec=frec.rsf Gx=fGx.rsf Gz=fGz.rsf sxx=fsxx.rsf sxz=fsxz.rsf szx=fszx.rsf szz=fszz.rsf verb=n srcdecay=n srcrange=10 srctrunc=100 snapinter=1 pmlsize=PMLOUT pmld0=PMLD0 decay=DECAY_FLAG decaybegin=DECAY_BEGIN freesurface=n slx=-1.0 spx=-1 slz=-1.0 spz=-1 gdep=-1.0 gp=0

file Gx=
auxiliary input file name
file Gz=
auxiliary input file name
int decay=DECAY_FLAG
Flag of decay boundary condtion: 1 = use ; 0 = not use
int decaybegin=DECAY_BEGIN
Begin time of using decay boundary condition
file den=
auxiliary input file name
bool freesurface=n [y/n]
free surface
float gdep=-1.0
recorder depth on grid
int gp=0
recorder depth on index
int pmld0=PMLD0
PML parameter
int pmlsize=PMLOUT
size of PML layer
file rec=
auxiliary output file name
float slx=-1.0
source location x
float slz=-1.0
source location z
int snapinter=1
snap interval
int spx=-1
source location x (index)
int spz=-1
source location z (index)
bool srcdecay=n [y/n]
source decay
int srcrange=10
source decay range
float srctrunc=100
trunc source after srctrunc time (s)
file sxx=
auxiliary input file name
file sxz=
auxiliary input file name
file szx=
auxiliary input file name
file szz=
auxiliary input file name
file vel=
auxiliary input file name
bool verb=n [y/n]

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