sfsmoothcur (2.0-git Mdix.c 5595 2010-03-21 16:54:14Z sfomel)
Convert input slope and time derivative

        sfsmoothcur < DATA.rsf dipt=DIPT.rsf > MODEL.rsf dataout=DATA_OUT.rsf eps=1.0 niter=100 rect#=(1,1,...)
* to its curvature field using LS and shaping regularization
* applied to causint_lop d = L m

Takes: rect1= rect2= ...

rectN defines the size of the smoothing stencil in N-th dimension.

string dataout=
optionally, output predicted data (auxiliary output file name)
file dipt=
auxiliary input file name
float eps=1.0
dumping factor
int niter=100
maximum number of iterations
int rect#=(1,1,...)
smoothing radius on #-th axis