sfspiralsort (2.0-git)
Sort microseismic surface array recording traces with a given epicenter along a spiral shape R = r0 + d(a-a0).

        sfspiralsort < in.rsf x=x_file.rsf y=y_file.rsf > out.rsf dist=dist_file.rsf theta=theta_file.rsf epi_x= epi_y= radius0=1.0 angle0=0.0 dr=

float angle0=0.0
Starting angle of spiral.
file dist=
auxiliary output file name
float dr=
Spiral interval parameter.
float epi_x=
referenced epicenter coordinate x.
float epi_y=
referenced epicenter coordinate y.
float radius0=1.0
Starting radius of spiral.
file theta=
auxiliary output file name
file x=
auxiliary input file name
file y=
auxiliary input file name