sftahscdecon (2.0-git)
Trace And Header Surface Consistant Decon.

        sftahscdecon < in.rsf > out.rsf wiener=wien.rsf key= verbose=1 minlag= maxlag= pnoise=0.001

tah is the abbreviation of Trace And Header. Madagascar programs
that begin with sftah are a designed to:
1- read trace and headers from separate rsf files and write them to
standard output (ie sftahread)
2- filter programs that read and write standard input/output and
process the tah data (eg sftahnmo, sftahstack)
3- read tah data from standard input and write separate rsf files for
the trace and headers data (ie sftahwrite)

These programs allow Seismic Unix (su) like processing in Madagascar.
Some programs have su like names.

Some programs in this suite are sftahread, sftahgethw, ftahhdrmath,
and sftahwrite.

The sftahsfdecon program applies surface consistant decon.


sftahsort \
input=npr3_field.rsf \
sort="sx,sy" \
| sftahgain \
tpow=2 \
| sftahmute \
tmute=0.0,3.0 \
xmute=0,18000 \
| sftahscdecon \
key="sx,sy" \
length=140 \
pnoise=.001 \
verbose=0 \
| sftahwrite output=shotdecon.rsf \
mode=seq \

sftahsort \
input=shotdecon.rsf \
| sftahscdecon \
key="gx,gy" \
length=140 \
pmoise=.001 \
verbose=0 \
| sftahwrite output=s-g-decon.rsf \
mode=seq \

Traces are in the file npr_field.rsf anf headers in the npr_field_hdr.rsf
file. The headers are merged with the trace amplitudes and the tah data
sent down the pipe for spreading loss correction (sftahgain tpow=2),
a pre decon mute (sftahmute) and shot consistant decon. Data is written
to the output file shotdecon.rsf and headers to shotdecon_hdr.rsf. In
the next sequence the data is sorted in to common receiver domain so
receiver consistent decon can be applied.

string key=

list of keys to watch to determine traces in a gather that
will have a single decon operator applies. Typically data
is sorted by gx,gy then sftahscdecon run with key="gx,gy".
Then a second pass of scdecon is first sorting by sx,sy and
running sftahscdecon with key="sx,sy".
float maxlag=
last lag of prediction filter (sec)
float minlag=
first lag of prediction filter (sec)
float pnoise=0.001
relative additive noise level
int verbose=1

flag to control amount of print
0 terse, 1 informative, 2 chatty, 3 debug

string wiener=
file to output Wiener filter. never tested!!! (auxiliary output file name)

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