sftime2depthweak (2.0-git)
Time-to-depth conversion in media with weak lateral variations 2D (Sripanich and Fomel, 2017).

        sftime2depthweak < in.rsf dvdx0=dveldx0.rsf dvdt0=dveldt0.rsf refvelocity=refvelocity.rsf > out.rsf outdt0=outdeltime.rsf outdx0=outdeldist.rsf outdv=outdelv.rsf zsubsample=100 nderiv=10 refderiv=1. smoothlen=nx/20 nsmooth=10

file dvdt0=
auxiliary input file name
file dvdx0=
auxiliary input file name
int nderiv=10
Derivative filter order
int nsmooth=10
Smoothing repeat
file outdt0=
auxiliary output file name
file outdv=
auxiliary output file name
file outdx0=
auxiliary output file name
float refderiv=1.
Deriveative filter reference (0.5 < ref <= 1)
file refvelocity=
auxiliary input file name
int smoothlen=nx/20
Smoothing filter length
int zsubsample=100
Additional subsampling in depth for stability