sftmigda (2.0-git)
3D time scattering-angle Kirchhoff migration

        sftmigda < dataFile.rsf vel=velFile.rsf > imageFile.rsf semb=sembFile.rsf dag=dagFile.rsf cig=cigFile.rsf is3d=n axis2label=0 isAA=y isDipAz=y hmign=dp.hNum sembWindow=11 edgeTaper=5.f itn=dp.zNum ixn=dp.xNum iyn=rp.is3D ? vp.yNum : 1 ito=dp.zStart ixo=dp.xStart iyo=dp.yStart itd=dp.zStep ixd=dp.xStep iyd=dp.yStep dipn=1 sdipn=1 dipo=0.f sdipo=90.f dipd=1.f sdipd=1.f

int axis2label=0
0 - shot; 1 - cmp; 2 - receiver
string cig=
output file containing CIGs in the surface-offset domain (auxiliary output file name)
string dag=
output file containing CIGs in the dip-angle domain (auxiliary output file name)
float dipd=1.f
step in dip-angle
int dipn=1
number of dip-angles
float dipo=0.f
first dip-angle
float edgeTaper=5.f
edge taper for dip-angle gathers (in degree)
int hmign=dp.hNum
number of migrated offsets
bool is3d=n [y/n]
if y, apply 3D migration
bool isAA=y [y/n]
if y, apply anti-aliasing
bool isDipAz=y [y/n]
if y, apply dip/azimuth mode; if n, apply inline/crossline angle mode
float itd=dp.zStep
step in imaged times (in ms)
int itn=dp.zNum
number of imaged times
float ito=dp.zStart
first imaged time (in ms)
float ixd=dp.xStep
step in imaged inlines
int ixn=dp.xNum
number of imaged inlines
float ixo=dp.xStart
first imaged inline
float iyd=dp.yStep
step in imaged crosslines
int iyn=rp.is3D ? vp.yNum : 1
number of imaged crosslines
float iyo=dp.yStart
first imaged crossline
float sdipd=1.f
step in secondary (azimuth or crossline) angle
int sdipn=1
number of secondary (azimuth or crossline) angles
float sdipo=90.f
first secondary (azimuth or crossline) angle
string semb=
output file containing semblance measure of CIGs stacking (auxiliary output file name)
int sembWindow=11
vertical window for semblance calculation (in samples)
string vel=
velocity model file (velocity in m/s) (auxiliary input file name)

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