sfweximg (2.0-git)
3-D modeling/migration with extended SSF

        sfweximg slo=Fs.rsf swfl=Fws.rsf < Fm.rsf cc=Fc.rsf > Fd.rsf rwfl=Fwr.rsf adj= save=0 feic=0 verb=n eps=0.01 nrmax=1 dtmax=0.004 pmx=0 pmy=0 tmx=0 tmy=0 nhx=0 nhy=0 nhz=0 nht=0 dht=

int adj=
y=ADJ migration; n=FWD modeling
file cc=
auxiliary input file name
float dht=

float dtmax=0.004
max time error
float eps=0.01
stability parameter
int feic=0
extended I.C. flag
int nht=0
number of lags on the t axis
int nhx=0
number of lags on the x axis
int nhy=0
number of lags on the y axis
int nhz=0
number of lags on the z axis
int nrmax=1
maximum references
int pmx=0
padding on x
int pmy=0
padding on y
string rwfl=
auxiliary output file name
int save=0
save wfld flag
file slo=
auxiliary input file name
file swfl=
auxiliary input file name
int tmx=0
taper on x
int tmy=0
taper on y
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag