sfwexzomva (2.0-git)
3-D S/R WEMVA with extended split-step

        sfwexzomva slo=Bs.rsf < Pi.rsf < Ps.rsf wfl=Bwr.rsf verb=y adj= eps=0.01 nrmax=1 dtmax=0.004 pmx=0 pmy=0 tmx=0 tmy=0

int adj=
y=ADJ Back-projection; n=FWD Forward Scattering
float dtmax=0.004
max time error
float eps=0.01
stability parameter
int nrmax=1
max number of refs
int pmx=0
padding on x
int pmy=0
padding on y
file slo=
auxiliary input file name
int tmx=0
taper on x
int tmy=0
taper on y
bool verb=y [y/n]
verbosity flag
file wfl=
auxiliary input file name