sfwile (2.0-git)
Process data with GIMP 2.0.

        sfwile < in.rsf > out.rsf command=

Input samples must be in byte (unsigned char) format. Preprocess data
with sfbyte first, if they have float or other samples. Only first 2D
section (n1 x n2) is taken from input data, the rest is ignored.
Use sfwindow and/or sftransp to generate input in adequate order.
o1, o2, d1, and d2 are ignored; data are treated by GIMP as equally

Be advised, that a greyscale image file is created; not every
GIMP plugin is capable of working with greyscale input.


sfwile < in.rsf command="gimp-equalize TRUE" > out.rsf
sfwile < in.rsf command="plug-in-spread 5 5" > out.rsf
sfwile < in.rsf command="plug-in-gauss-rle 4.0 TRUE TRUE" > out.rsf
sfwile < in.rsf command="plug-in-sobel TRUE TRUE TRUE" > out.rsf
sfwile < in.rsf command="plug-in-neon 5.0 0.0" > out.rsf
sfwile < in.rsf command="plug-in-emboss 315.0 45.0 7 TRUE" > out.rsf
sfwile < in.rsf command="plug-in-ripple 27 2 1 0 0 TRUE TRUE" > out.rsf
sfwile < in.rsf command="plug-in-whirl-pinch 45 0.0 1.0" > out.rsf

Documentation for basic GIMP plugins can be found here:
Information about additional plugins is collected here:

string command=
Command to be executed by GIMP