vpvr (2.0-git)
Plot impulse responses in 2 dimensions

        vpvr > plot.vpl color=7 fat=5 dash=0.0 edash=0.1 vrscale=1. groupscale=1. phasescale=.5 norm=0. inc=0.5 line=n info=y disp=y group=y particle=n ellipse=y c11=0. c13=0. c33=0. c55=0. c66=0. log= only= title=

float c11=0.

float c13=0.

float c33=0.

float c55=0.

float c66=0.

int color=7

float dash=0.0

bool disp=y [y/n]
if n, give phase velocity instead of dispersion relation
float edash=0.1
elliptical approximation dash
bool ellipse=y [y/n]
if use elliptic approximation
int fat=5

bool group=y [y/n]
if n, give group slowness instead of group velocity
float groupscale=1.
scales only the group stuff
float inc=0.5
increment of phi sub w in degrees
bool info=y [y/n]
if print in small letters the elastic constants across the top
bool line=n [y/n]
if draw lines to indicate some important angles. (Angles at
which triplication "first" occurs, and angles at which pure P
and Sv modes exist)
string log=

float norm=0.

string only=
(Pdisp, SVdisp, SHdisp, P, SV, SH)
bool particle=n [y/n]
if show particle motion directions
float phasescale=.5
scales only the phase stuff
string title=

float vrscale=1.
scales everything by a factor

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