vpvr3d (2.0-git)
Plot impulse responses in 3 dimensions

        vpvr3d > out.rsf > plot.vpl what= start=0. end=360. bottom=-90. top=90. order=n maxlevel=5 coslimit=25. xmin=-100. ymin=-100. zmin=-100. xmax=100. ymax=100. zmax=100. or=n skip=-1 xxmin=-100. yymin=-100. zzmin=-100. xxmax=100. yymax=100. zzmax=100. inc=4 inc2=iinc which=y norm=1. sing=

float bottom=-90.
latitude start
float coslimit=25.
aximum deviation in particle motion angle
float end=360.
longitude end
int inc=4
density of gridding (How many tiles to cover 90 degree of longitude in initial tiling.)
int inc2=iinc
tiles bigger than 90 deg / iinc2 in any dimension will be subdivided to fit
int maxlevel=5
maximum number of re-subdivisions
float norm=1.
amount to divide everything by
bool or=n [y/n]
modifier: if or=y ORs instead of ANDS the clips.
bool order=n [y/n]
try to swap around the surfaces to make them continuous
string sing=
Log file
int skip=-1
modifier: skip=-1 don't clip this surface (-1 for none skipped)
0 = fastest
1 = intermediate
2 = slowest
3 = red (SH)
4 = green (SV)
5 = blue (P)
float start=0.
longitude start
float top=90.
latitude end
ints what=
bool which=y [y/n]
if y, plot impulse response; if n, plot slowness surface
float xmax=100.

float xmin=-100.

float xxmax=100.

float xxmin=-100.

float ymax=100.

float ymin=-100.

float yymax=100.

float yymin=-100.

float zmax=100.

float zmin=-100.

float zzmax=100.

float zzmin=-100.