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This is the current agenda for the meeting. Minor changes are expected

EAGE Workshop Friday 8 June, 2012 9:00 – 17:00 hrs

Open-source E+P Software – Six years later

Convenors: Karl Schleicher (University of Texas Austin), Joseph Dellinger (BP), Helene Huck (dGB Earth Sciences), Tariq Alkhalifah (KAUST)

Workshop Introduction

09:00 AM Joe Dellinger, BP, A short history of E+P open source

Poster Introductions

09:15 AM Bjorn Olofsson, Seabird Exploration, SeaSeis: a simple open-source seismic data processing system Abstract
09:20 AM Nick Tanushev, Z-Terra, Comparison of open source seismic processing systems Abstract
09:25 AM Chuck Mosher, ConocoPhillips, Parallel i/o and computing in javaSeis Abstract
09:30 AM Ricardo Biloti, UNICAMP, Brazil, GeBR: a free seismic processing interface Abstract
09:35 AM German Garabito, UFRN, Brazil, BotoSeis: An Interactive interface for seismic processing with Seismic Unix Abstract

Poster Viewing

09:40 AM

The Open Source Trend in Geophysics

10:25 AM J.I. Selvage, BG, Enhancing geophysical data analysis with open-source software Abstract
10:45 AM Helene Huck, dGB Earth Sciences, The road to open source: sharing a ten years experience in building OpendTect, the open source seismic interpretation software Abstract
11:05 AM Matt Hall, Agile Geoscience, Open mobile geocomputing Abstract

Morning Wrap up

11:25 AM


11:30 AM


12:40:00 PM Sergey Fomel, University of Texas at Austin, Reproducible research

Poster Introduction

01:00:00 PM Akshay Gulati, CggVeritas, Processing and attribute analysis of low-frequency Blackfoot data Abstract
01:05 PM Karl Schleicher, University of Texas at Austin, Open data library with open software scripts Abstract
01:10 PM Abdullatif A Al-Shuhail, Processing of seismic reflection data using Matlab Abstract
01:15 PM Thomas Lasseter, GeoCloud Systems, An open-source real time data model and database Abstract
01:20 PM Joe Dellinger, BP, BP's experience with open-source software and open datasets Abstract

Poster Viewing

Processing Systems and Frameworks

02:10 PM John Stockwell, Colorado School of Mines, A course in geophysical imaging processing using seismic unix Abstract
02:30 PM Robert Clapp, Stanford University, SEPlib Abstract
02:50 PM William Symes, Rice University, Frameworks for modeling and inversion Abstract
03:10 PM Didrik Pinta, Enthought, Python for Geophysical data processing and Visualization Abstract

Data Blitz

03:30 PM Lightning Talks, Karl Schleicher timekeeper, open presentations each less than 5 minutes. Signup for a spot!Abstract


04:00 PM Challenges facing open source software developers and users, moderated by Tariq Alkhalifah Abstract


05:00 PM