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Specific problem: referencing the webpage for Sigsbee. These guys have a solution for bibtex- a python script that modifies your bst file.

then you can add


 author={J[] V[] {SMAART}},
 lastchecked={26 June 2009},
 note={Joint Venture consisting of BHP Billiton, BP and ChevronTexaco}


to get : SMAART, [online]. (2002). Joint Venture consisting of BHP Billiton, BP and ChevronTex- aco. Available from: [cited 26 June 2009].

However, it also inserts DOI and such for every other thing in your .bib file that has one. Dellinger, J. A., B. Nolte, and J. T. Etgen, 2001, Alford rotation, ray the- ory, and crossed-dipole geometry: Geophysics, 66, 637–647. Available from:, doi:10.1190/1.1444954.

So, Geophysics/Geophysical Prospecting have standards yet on including doi's?