sfawefd2d_fo (3.0)
Finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) wave propagation modeling in lossless acoustic 2D media.

        sfawefd2d_fo < Fwav.rsf vel=Fvel.rsf den=Fden.rsf sou=Fsou.rsf rec=Frec.rsf > Fdat.rsf datvz=Fdatvz.rsf wfl=Fwfl.rsf verb=n snap=n free=n expl=n dabc=n recvz=n srctype=1 jdata=1 jsnap=nt nqz=sf_n(az) nqx=sf_n(ax) oqz=sf_o(az) oqx=sf_o(ax)

This program fdelmodc can be used to model waves conforming the 2D wave equation in different media.
This program computes a solution of the 2D acoustic wave equation
defined through the first-order linearized systems of Newton's and Hooke's law.

bool dabc=n [y/n]
absorbing BC
file datvz=
auxiliary output file name
file den=
auxiliary input file name
bool expl=n [y/n]
exploding reflector
bool free=n [y/n]
free surface flag
int jdata=1

int jsnap=nt

int nqx=sf_n(ax)

int nqz=sf_n(az)

float oqx=sf_o(ax)

float oqz=sf_o(az)

file rec=
auxiliary input file name
bool recvz=n [y/n]
vertical particle velocity data
bool snap=n [y/n]
wavefield snapshots flag
file sou=
auxiliary input file name
int srctype=1
file vel=
auxiliary input file name
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity flag
file wfl=
auxiliary output file name

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