sfmcaseislet (3.0)
Morphological component analysis using 2-D Seislet transform

        sfmcaseislet < Fin.rsf > Fout.rsf dips=Fdips.rsf mask=Fmask.rsf eps=0.01 order=1 pscale=25 verb=n decr=y niter=10 pclip=10 p=0.5 type= mode=
Note: Here, nc components with nc seislet transforms build a seislet
frame to do the simultineous multicomponent separation and interpolation.

bool decr=y [y/n]
decrease threshold in iterations or not
file dips=
auxiliary input file name
float eps=0.01
string mask=
auxiliary input file name
string mode=
thresholding mode: 'hard', 'soft','pthresh','exp';
'hard', hard thresholding; 'soft', soft thresholding;
'pthresh', generalized quasi-p; 'exp', exponential shrinkage
int niter=10
total number iterations
int order=1
accuracy order for seislet transform
float p=0.5
norm=p, where 0
float pclip=10
starting data clip percentile (default is 10)
float pscale=25
percentile of small scale to be preserved (default is 100)
string type=
[haar,linear,biorthogonal] wavelet type, the default is linear
bool verb=n [y/n]
verbosity or not