sftahscscale (3.0)
Surface Consistant SCALE - Compute & apply surface consistant scale

        sftahscscale < infile.rsf > out.rsf verbose=1 starttime=o1 endtime=(n1_traces-1)*d1+o1 input= headers= sxy= gxy= sxyamp= gxyamp=

tah is the abbreviation of Trace And Header. Madagascar programs
that begin with sftah are designed to:
1- read trace and headers from separate rsf files and write them to
standard output (ie sftahread)
2- filter programs that read and write standard input/output and
process the tah data (eg sftahnmo, sftahstack)
3- read tah data from standard input and write separate rsf files for
the trace and headers data (ie sftahwrite)

These programs allow Seismic Unix (su) like processing in Madagascar.
Some programs have su like names.

Some programs in this suite are sftahread, sftahgethw, ftahhdrmath,
and sftahwrite.


sftahscscale \
input=../fetch/npr3_field.rsf \
sxy=sxy.rsf gxy=gxy.rsf \
sxyamp=sxyamp.rsf gxyamp=gxyamp.rsf \
| sftahwrite \
verbose=1 \
label2="ep" o2=14 n2=850 d2=1 \
label3="tracf" o3=1 n3=1063 d3=1 \
output=scscale.rsf \

sftahscscale reads data from the file, applies scaling, and writes data
to STDOUT. DO NOT USE WITH sftahread!

In this example the input data ../fetch/npr_field.rsf is read. Trace
headers are read from ../fetch/npr_field_hdr.rsf (the dafault for the
headers parameter). Trace order does not matter. Shot data is
likely, but the program will process any trace order (eg cdp or
receiver). the source x,y coordinates are written to sxy.rsf and the
group x,y coordinates are written to gxy.rsf. The shot consistant
amplitude and the shot x,y is written to sxyamp.rsf. The group
consistant amplitude and the group x,y is written to gxyamp.rsf.
Surface consistant scaling is applied to the data and the resulting
trace and header is written to the pipe. The sftahwrite writes the
trace data to scscale.rsf and the headers are written to the file
scscale_hdr.rsf. Finally, the output volume is displayed using

float endtime=(n1_traces-1)*d1+o1

string gxy=

string gxyamp=

string headers=

Trace header file name. Default is the input data file
name, with the final .rsf changed to _hdr.rsf

string input=

Input file for traces amplitudes

float starttime=o1
start time to compute average trace ampltide
string sxy=

string sxyamp=

int verbose=1

flag to control amount of print
0 terse, 1 informative, 2 chatty, 3 debug

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