BCU task-centric program list

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List of Basic Cube Utilities (BCU) in Madagascar. Operations listed here can throw away data or fill in with zeros, but should not create new values or alter existing ones -- those belong to the Numerical Methods program list.

All program names below should be prefixed with "sf".

I/O and file format conversions

ASCII, binary file

  • Convert the binary file of a RSF dataset between different formats (binary, ASCII): dd guide, dd

SEG-Y file

SU file

File operations

This section contains physics-agnostic methods for slicing, dicing, adding together files, etc:

Basic operations

Operation on file content

Header operations

Graph, plots, displays


  • Setting up frames for a generic plot: stdplot

Plot format

  • Vplot filter for postscript: pspen
  • Vplot filter for the virtual vplot device: vppen