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Conference presentations

RSF in Austin (Scientific Software Days 2008)

Madagascar was presented at the Second Annual Scientific Software Days at the University of Texas at Austin on May 15, 2008. See presentation slides and complete program.

RSF in Rio de Janeiro (SBGf 2007)

Madagascar and reproducible scientific computing were presented at the 2007 Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society in Rio de Janeiro. See presentation slides

RSF in Vancouver (AIP 2007)

Madagascar was presented at a minisymposium on Software for Inverse Problems at the Conference on Applied Inverse Problems in Vancouver on June 29, 2007. See presentation slides.

RSF in Honolulu (ICASSP 2007)

The paper Reproducible computational experiments using SCons was presented in the special session on Reproducible Signal Processing Research at the International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing in Honolulu on April 18, 2007 . See presentation slides.

Patrick Vandewalle provides a complete session program.

RSF in Austin (Scientific Software Day 2007)

Madagascar was presented at the First Annual Scientific Software Day at the University of Texas at Austin on April 2, 2007. See presentation slides.

RSF in New Orleans (SEG 2006)

These advertising posters were prepared for the SEG Annual Meeting in New Orleans. The idea by Gilles Hennenfent, implementation by Scott Rodgers.

Poker comp BEG.png Poker comp CSM.png Poker comp UBC.png

RSF in Vienna (EAGE 2006)

RSF/Madagascar was first presented at the EAGE Workshop Open Source E&P Software – Putting the Pieces Together in Vienna on June 11, 2006. See presentation slides.

Joe Dellinger provides a complete workshop program with abstracts.

Special events

RSF Coding Sprint in Golden 2008

Implementation Workshop Towards full automation and better robustness

RSF School in Austin 2007

Short Course Using and Extending RSF/Madagascar.

RSF School in Vancouver 2006

School and Workshop Reproducible Research in Computational Geophysics.