Contributing new programs to Madagascar

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This page is intended for developers maintaining Madagascar infrastructure and programs.

Style suggestions

Please try to:

  • Do atomic commits
  • Use svn commit -m "your message here" to let others know what changed
  • If you plan to do large-scale substantive changes, use a repository branch

Backward compatibility features

If you introduce or notice a feature that is used solely for backwards compatibility with an old version of a dependency, please document it here, so that the feature can be eliminated when the Madagascar community stops supporting that version of that dependency. This could be more elegantly done by using a special string to flag a backwards compatibility comment in the code, then have the documentation builder build this list automatically. This would make it more likely for this page to be kept in synch with the codebase.

Python 2.2 and older

  • In framework/ Everything in the have_datetime_module=False branches

Python 2.3 and older

  • In user/ivlad/ Everything in the have_subprocess=False branches
  • The entire api/python/ (also needed on systems which do not have recent versions of numpy and SWIG)