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<center><font size="-1">''This page was originally created from the LaTeX source in [http://rsf.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/rsf/trunk/book/rsf/rsf/paper.tex?view=markup book/rsf/rsf/paper.tex] using [[latex2wiki]]''</font></center>
This page was originally created from the LaTeX source in [http://rsf.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/rsf/trunk/book/rsf/rsf/paper.tex?view=markup book/rsf/rsf/paper.tex] using [[latex2wiki]]''. Contents that were not duplicating the main page were eventually moved to the [[Package overview]] page.
==Copyright notice==
The Madagascar package is released in an open-source form under the standard GNU GPL license. In simple words, there are no restrictions on the use of the software (including copying, modifying, selling, etc.) However, there are restrictions on the software redistribution intended to prevent the package from losing its open-source status. Users are encourages to submit their modifications back to the original distribution to the benefit of the whole user community.
In the present form, the Madagascar package, while being completely written from scratch, borrows ideas from the design of [http://sepwww.stanford.edu/doku.php?id=sep:software:seplib SEPlib], a publicly available software package, maintained by Bob Clapp at the Stanford Exploration Project. Generations of SEP students and researchers contributed to SEPlib. Most important contributions came from Rob Clayton, Jon Claerbout, Dave Hale, Stew Levin, Rick Ottolini, Joe Dellinger, Steve Cole, Dave Nichols, Martin Karrenbach, Biondo Biondi, and Bob Clapp.
Madagascar also borrows ideas from [http://timna.mines.edu/cwpcodes/ Seismic Unix] (SU), a package maintained by John Stockwell at the Center for Wave Phenomenon at the Colorado School of Mines (Stockwell, 1997<ref>Stockwell, J. W.,  1997, Free software in education: A case study of CWP/SU: Seismic Unix: The Leading Edge, '''16''', 1045--1049.</ref>;Stockwell, 1999<ref>--------, 1999, The CWP/SU: Seismic Un*x package: Computers and  Geosciences, '''25''', 415--419.</ref>). Main contributors to SU included Einar Kjartansson, Shuki Ronen, Jack Cohen, Chris Liner, Dave Hale, and John Stockwell. SU is open-source software (distributed with BSD-style license) starting with release 40 (April 10, 2007).
==Other documents==
==Other documents==

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