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List of Numerical Methods programs in Madagascar

Operation on file content

Complex number operations

  • Convert real data to complex (by adding zero imaginary part): rtoc guide, rtoc
  • Extract real part of a complex dataset: real guide, real
  • Extract imaginary part of a complex dataset: imag
  • Create a complex dataset from its real and imaginary parts: complex guide, cmplx

Statistical operations on files


  • Display dataset attributes: attr guide, attr
  • Compute a histogram of data values: histogram
  • Computes what clip value corresponds to a given pclip: quantile
  • Clip the data: clip
  • One- or two-sided data clipping: clip2
  • Percentile clip: pclip
  • Threshold float/complex inputs given a constant/varying threshold level: thr
  • Soft thresholding: threshold
  • Construct incremental minimum or maximum lists from an RSF file: listminmax
  • Sort a float/complex vector by absolute values: sort


  • Element by element minimum or maximum of two RSF files: minmax
  • Similarity measure between two datasets: similarity

Mathematics algorithms

Basic mathematic processes

  • Causal integration on the first axis: causint
  • Fast Fourier Transform along the first axis (from real to complex): fft1
  • FFT transform on extra axis (from complex to complex): fft3
  • 3D FFT with centering and Hermitian scaling: fft3d
  • Frequency spectra: spectra
  • Frequency spectra in 2-D: spectra2
  • 1-D Digital Wavelet Transform: dwt
  • Multi-dimensional cosine transform: cosft

Linear Algebra

  • Simple matrix multiplication: matmult
  • Simple matrix multiplication for complex matrices: cmatmult
  • Find eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a symmetric positive definite matrix: dmeig
  • Kroneker product with square matrices: kron
  • Generic conjugate-gradient solver for linear inversion: conjgrad guide, conjgrad
  • Generic dot-product test for linear operators with adjoints: dottest guide, dottest
  • Generic conjugate-gradient solver for linear inversion with complex data: cconjgrad
  • Generic dot-product test for complex linear operators with adjoints: cdottest
  • Stack a dataset over one of the dimensions: stack guide, stack
  • Transpose two axes in a dataset: transp guide, transp