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Randomly-selected Madagascar programs get featured every month on the Madagascar blog. This page provides a summary list with links.


  • April: sfslant Time-space-domain Radon transform (slant stack).



September sfpatch Patching (N-dimensional).
February sfpwd 3-D plane wave destruction.
January sfricker1 Convolution with a Ricker wavelet.


December sfhalfint Half-order integration or differentiation.
November sfbandpass Bandpass filtering.
October sfkirmod Kirchhoff 2-D/2.5-D modeling with analytical Green's functions.
September sfiwarp Inverse 1-D warping.
August sfpick Automatic picking from semblance-like panels.
July sffft3 FFT transform on extra axis.
June sfdip 3-D dip estimation by plane wave destruction.
May sfderiv First derivative with a maximally linear FIR differentiator.
April sfgrey3 Generate 3-D cube plot.
March sfspectra Frequency spectra.
January sfsmooth Multi-dimensional triangle smoothing.


December sfcontour Contour plot.
November sfenvelope Compute data envelope or phase rotation.
October sfagc Automatic gain control.
September sfclip Clip the data.
August sfgraph Graph plot.
July sfnoise Add random noise to the data.