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Seismic Unix (SU) is seismic data processing package with a large user community. Some of these users may be interested in using Madagascar (m8r), either due to the natural advantages of the RSF format for regularly sampled hypercubes, or due to the GPL license of the package which preserves the freedom of user-written codes. Such a dictionary will be quite useful to them. Also, other SU users may be interested to find out which algorithms/utilities are present in m8r, but not in SU. In order to generate such a list, it is necessary to know which are the m8r programs with SU equivalents (i.e. the dictionary below).

A m8r program, or a chain of m8r programs, will be considered equivalent to a SU counterpart only if it has at least all the capabilities of its SU counterpart. For example, a m8r program that requires regularly sampled data, and cannot take position information from auxiliary files, just works on a hypercube, cannot be considered by itself the equivalent of a SU program implementing an equivalent algorithm and working on an actual irregularly sampled grid. However, a cascade of a m8r regularization program and a program working on a regularly sampled cube can be considered equivalent to a SU counterpart if the approximations introduced by regularization do not matter.

The starting point of the list below was Chris Liner's help page for Seismic Un*x v.38. Users editing the list below may cause it to diverge from its starting point.

Data Compression

Discrete Cosine Transform

  1. dctcomp:
  2. dctuncomp:


  1. supack1:
  2. supack2:
  3. suunpack1:
  4. suunpack2:

Wavelet Transform

  1. wpc1comp2:
  2. wpccompress:
  3. wptcomp:
  4. wtcomp:
  5. wpc1uncomp2:
  6. wpcuncompress:
  7. wptuncomp:
  8. wtuncomp:

Editing, Sorting and Manipulation

Edit + tools

  1. suabshw:
  2. suazimuth:
  3. subset:
  4. suchw:
  5. sucountkey:
  6. suedit:
  7. sugethw:
  8. sukill:
  9. sunan:
  10. suquantile:
  11. surange:
  12. sushw:
  13. sutab:
  14. suwind:
  15. suxedit:


  1. susort:
  2. susorty:


  1. fcat:
  2. maxdiff:
  3. segyhdrmod:
  4. suaddnoise:
  5. sucmp:
  6. sudiff:
  7. suflip:
  8. suhtmath:
  9. suinterp:
  10. sumixgathers:
  11. sunull:
  12. suop:
  13. suop2:
  14. supermute:
  15. suramp:
  16. surecip, recip:
  17. suresamp, # resamp:
  18. suswapbytes:
  19. sutaper:
  20. sutxtaper:
  21. suvcat:
  22. suzero:
  23. swapbytes:
  24. transp:

Filtering, Transforms and Attributes

1-D filtering

  1. suband:
  2. subfilt:
  3. suconv:
  4. sueipofi:
  5. sufilter:
  6. sufrac:
  7. supef:
  8. supofilt:
  9. sushape:
  10. sutvband:
  11. suxcor:

2-D filtering

  1. sudipfilt:
  2. sufxdecon:
  3. suk1k2filter:
  4. sumedian:
  5. sukfilter:
  6. sukfrac:

Transforms and attributes

  1. entropy:
  2. mrafxzwt:
  3. suamp:
  4. suattributes:
  5. suenv:
  6. suhilb:
  7. suhrot:
  8. sufft, # suifft:
  9. sugabor:
  10. suharlan:
  11. sulog, # suilog:
  12. supolar:
  13. suradon:
  14. sutaup:
  15. sutsq:
  16. sureduce:
  17. suspecfk:
  18. suspecfx:
  19. suspeck1k2:

Gain, NMO, Stack and Standard Processes

Standard Processes

  1. suagc:
  2. sudipdivcor:
  3. sudivcor:
  4. sugain:
  5. grm:
  6. sumix:
  7. sumute:
  8. sunmo:
  9. supgc:
  10. supws:
  11. suresstat:
  12. sustack:
  13. sustatic:
  14. sustaticrrs:
  15. unglitch:


Velocity Analysis


X-window for SU format input data

X-window for binary input data

Postscript for SU format input data

Postscript for binary input data

Utilities + misc


Migration and Dip Moveout

Poststack migration

Prestack/Poststack migration

Prestack migration

Dip Moveout

Datuming and continuation

Inversion (True amp migration)

Simulation and Model Building

Simulation (aka modeling)

Model building (aka velocity analysis)





Core Library

Transforms and Encoding

Math and Stat Functions

Complex Numbers

Time Series

Data Fitting



Interpolation and Antialiasing

Filtering and Prediction

Solvers and Linear Algebra