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Imagine a world where seismic data access is a done deal. Because of a de-facto, free, easy-to-use library made by a group of enthusiasts. A truly open, usable and free Open Source initiative. No pile of format descriptions, no fat libraries intended for other purposes, just seismic data - read and write.


You can't always get what you want. But sometimes, you get what you need.

The fastest trace-in-town? No chance. But pretty fast - cool.
Super-slim super-compressed files? Nah. But deep down we know that size does matter.
The richest feature set? Hmmm.

Real aims

OK, but what aims are 'rock-hard'?

  1. As many people as possible benefit. From acquisition to interpretation, from university to contractor, from researcher to IT professional, from beginning student to highly the highly experienced software developer.
  2. Data once written will be readable. Always. And you know what you're getting. Always.


There are no hidden agenda's. If you're in, you will strive to help the aims set above. Employers, money, old habits? In doubt, you go against those. Just to keep a clean conscience.