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Different people and different organizations act for different reasons. Madagascar can mean a lot of things for a lot of people. Feel free to add below your messages, as text, images or movies, for any category of potential users!


Graduate student in small research group

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Academic researcher with strong theoretical background

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Professional researcher

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Project manager

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Disorganized company

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Tightly-run company with managers that never did professional programming

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Academic research group or small company

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Start-up company

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Geophysical services company

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Computer hardware company

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Geophysical acquisition systems company

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Why not another open-source package?

Most of the reasons above apply to any open-source package as well. Madagascar is not the only open-source geophysical package, but it is the only one to provide all the components of a shared research environment as described at the beginning of the Overview. Also, it has an active, diverse community of developers (as opposed to a single owner and a mass of passive users) and its current and future freedom is guaranteed by the GNU General Public License (2 or higher).